Friday, January 21, 2011

Conservative Cowards. Kick me again liberals.How high you want me to jump?

It should have been the other way around: When McCain began his search for a V.P. he interviewed Sarah Palin. In fact she should have interviewed him. She could have you have a spine? Why do you want liberals to love  you? When things get rough will you run and hide? But how could she have known what a spineless coward John McCain turned out to be. The darling of the Liberals. It is clear why he was their darling and Sarah almost screwed up that part when she really came into her own. She no longer fit with McCain. 

Take the instance of the lady at a McCain rally who was absolutely scolded by McCain who seemed scared to death that he had not hopped up high enough to defend Obama. " Ma'am you have nothing to fear of an Obama Presidency." Did he jump high enough to stay the darling of the liberals. Course.He was their loser. And he is still their loser. And all those who cower in the corner and do not speak up when one of our OWN is lied about, demonized and slurred thru out the bloggersphere...the so called conservative pundits...even some on FOX. WE don't need these gutless cowards. The conservative party needs to go away if that is what they have become. It does not work. Turn the other cheek does not work. Ask GWB. Who never spoke up for himself. NO ONE appreciates a coward except the ones who can use that coward. And cowards always are losers.

As the days wore on after the AZ. shooting..we heard people like Dick Morris say: Sarah needs to act more Presidential. Poor Dick Morris. Dicky if someone accused you of being  accessory to murder. to would you be silent? Maybe.Or maybe you have just fell in line with the babbling moron lying liberals.  We should not sit still for this. If someone describes themselves as conservative and they are enjoying the benefits of having that title. We should hold their feet to the fire and if they can't take it they should join those whose narrative they follow. In other words...get the hell out of the party. Or stop pretending to be something you are not. 

We are in dire straits. We have to stand together. If we don't stand together we do not deserve the freedom this country has now and WILL not have if Pres Obama becomes President Obama in a second term. We need to get rid of those weak links we have in the conservative party. No more mealy mouthed John McCain characters. No more Bushes.No more Kennedys. No more moronic Clintons and by God no more B.H. Obama. We need no more cowards and incompetent shells. Bottom line....if you claim to  be a conservative and you allow liberals to write the are wishing for a third party. You have been warned. 
Rush says it best:

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