Saturday, April 17, 2010


George Bush recognized EID holiday and said Islam was a religion of peace. Obama recognized EID and said the call to prayer was the most beautiful sound on earth. Now,a judge has said the National day of prayer is over and out. What do you do when up is down and down is up. Let's look at EID holiday. While we are at it, let's wonder if there should be a SKMIR day. That is, Serial killer murderous instinct day. That is a day when they can haul all those people they dream about killing into their lair, kill them off and that would satisfy them until the next SKMIR day. Would that work with EID? No that won't work because the murdering goes on constantly all during the year and it includes murdering humans. We don't have a SKMIR day but we have something a lot like it. 
Except the victims of this brutal, murderous,and painful death are animals. Helpless animals who meet their deaths at the hands of Muslims laughing with their sharp knives while children watch. Getting their orientation.Blood washing down the streets. On their hands, on their clothes. and they are in heaven and as close as they can be to their Allah during this insanity. 
But...but the meat goes to the poor.That is what they will tell you when they are faced with the truth. But you have packing houses and you kill every day in slaughter houses. Yes that is true. But it is not done with delight and not done with an audience looking on and being thrilled by the death. 
Where is Peta? Will you hear them speak of this? No I don't think so. That would be far above their pay grade. Their pay grade is the lady that has too  many cats. Such a disgrace and such horror in what is supposed to be the most civilized time of our planet. And if we don't slow down the immigration of these people who live in the dark ages, we will soon see blood of animals flowing down the streets during U.S.A. EID


This is not hard to figure out is it? Obama's stash with the cash? You decide.


Coming to a neighborhood near you if we don't stop Muslim immigration

Islam is contrary to democracy.Makes you wonder why they go to countries they could not possibly live side by side with. It's because they come to overwhelm and they are doing it in Europe. Give me your tired...but don't give me your islam and your sharia law.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Roland Martin is an untalented user of the race card.


Were Confederate soldiers terrorists?

By Roland S. Martin, CNN Political Analyst
April 11, 2010 9:35 a.m. EDT
Mr. Martin says the Confederates were domestic terrorists. Suppose someone broke
into your house and you fought back? Would that make you a domestic terrorist or someone defending their home? But I don't believe I want to re-fight the civil war in this post. I will never change your mind nor will you change mine. But I do want to call attention to a real domestic terror. The people who use the race card when they have no defense for their actions. This is not just black people I am talking about. It is the liberals who use black people for their own vile reasons. To change the subject to stifle discussion. The liberals use the race card ensuring what they always have done at the expense of the blacks. Not all black people use the race card but unfortunately they have to suffer for those criminals and unsavory people who do use it. Making it less impotent. More ignored.

But the race card has been good for some people. It gets them off for murder. Look at O.J.Simpson. It gets them a pass for actions that doom other people. Look at Tiger Woods. It excuses vile and viscous behavior. It promotes people to places they do not deserve to be. Look at Obama. It makes award winning authors out of people who can barely put a sentence together. Look at Roland Martin. So the race card is kind of like a monopoly get out of jail free card. But every time it is pulled, it loses it's meaning. Sort of like the Nobel prize has lost it's meaning. So Mr.Roland longer are people going to remain silent when the most outrageous and vile accusations are tossed in order to win an argument. No longer. Your race card is worn the hell out. That puts you on the level playing field. Can you make it?

Friday, April 9, 2010



Every day...someone steps up and opposes the singing of the national anthem, opposes using the word God and just about ANYTHING that the majority of America stands for. Here is a note for  you.In case you failed to realize. This country was not founded on Atheism, not founded on ISLAM. Not founded on liberal bs that is spouted at every turn. There are ships waiting in the harbor...there are planes waiting at the airport and there are camels and mules...Get.your.anti american. arse.out.of.America.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

WE THE PEOPLE was the frog in hot water.

The years of feeling comfortable. When most people just went about their lives knowing they were protected and watched over by the people they elected. We were the frog in cool water. Unaware. Unaware that the people we elected forgot they were working for the people, and began working for themselves. Then came Obama.

Obama and his socialist agenda backed up by the most hard left fringe.Aided and abetted by czars he appointed who had the same radical ideas.We was the FROG in cool water. Obama had the torch. His executive orders slowly heating the water.His minions in Congress ignoring the constitution and passing more socialist bills. The water heats up....WE THE PEOPLE became the TEA PARTY. And the frog jumped out of the water and extinguished Obama's torch.The frog is out of the water and no one can put it back. No slick speech.No demonizing of the tea party.No slanders and no lies and no cries of racism. Nothing can put that frog back in the water. WE THE PEOPLE!

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