Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Once upon a time there was a farmer who suddenly found he had trouble with wild pigs invading his land and destroying his crops. He could not catch them. They were very smart.
So the farmer devised a plan that not even the smart pigs could detect.
He started putting food in a certain place. The hogs became accustomed to going to that place. They never noticed the first fence that went up.....

First one side fenced. Then time goes by another side is fenced...the hogs keep going keep eating all they want. They are fat happy and looking straight ahead. Finally all sides are fenced and all that remains is one small slot to go in and find their food. That slot has a gate...One day the end of the world for the hogs. While they are busy with their meal...they look toward whence they came and it is closed....locked...they are trapped. 

We are the hogs. Obama is the farmer. Little by little until we are locked up in a third world country run by none other than dictators. Please Hogs...wake the hell up......
1.Spread the wealth
2.Control the internet
3.Decide what we eat and the temp.in our homes.
4.Latest...dna swipe at the airports...

These are just a few. Too numerous to add and I am sure they would cover a whole page. WAKE THE HELL UP HOGS!!!
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