Sunday, April 11, 2010

Roland Martin is an untalented user of the race card.


Were Confederate soldiers terrorists?

By Roland S. Martin, CNN Political Analyst
April 11, 2010 9:35 a.m. EDT
Mr. Martin says the Confederates were domestic terrorists. Suppose someone broke
into your house and you fought back? Would that make you a domestic terrorist or someone defending their home? But I don't believe I want to re-fight the civil war in this post. I will never change your mind nor will you change mine. But I do want to call attention to a real domestic terror. The people who use the race card when they have no defense for their actions. This is not just black people I am talking about. It is the liberals who use black people for their own vile reasons. To change the subject to stifle discussion. The liberals use the race card ensuring what they always have done at the expense of the blacks. Not all black people use the race card but unfortunately they have to suffer for those criminals and unsavory people who do use it. Making it less impotent. More ignored.

But the race card has been good for some people. It gets them off for murder. Look at O.J.Simpson. It gets them a pass for actions that doom other people. Look at Tiger Woods. It excuses vile and viscous behavior. It promotes people to places they do not deserve to be. Look at Obama. It makes award winning authors out of people who can barely put a sentence together. Look at Roland Martin. So the race card is kind of like a monopoly get out of jail free card. But every time it is pulled, it loses it's meaning. Sort of like the Nobel prize has lost it's meaning. So Mr.Roland longer are people going to remain silent when the most outrageous and vile accusations are tossed in order to win an argument. No longer. Your race card is worn the hell out. That puts you on the level playing field. Can you make it?

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