Tuesday, April 6, 2010

WE THE PEOPLE was the frog in hot water.

The years of feeling comfortable. When most people just went about their lives knowing they were protected and watched over by the people they elected. We were the frog in cool water. Unaware. Unaware that the people we elected forgot they were working for the people, and began working for themselves. Then came Obama.

Obama and his socialist agenda backed up by the most hard left fringe.Aided and abetted by czars he appointed who had the same radical ideas.We was the FROG in cool water. Obama had the torch. His executive orders slowly heating the water.His minions in Congress ignoring the constitution and passing more socialist bills. The water heats up....WE THE PEOPLE became the TEA PARTY. And the frog jumped out of the water and extinguished Obama's torch.The frog is out of the water and no one can put it back. No slick speech.No demonizing of the tea party.No slanders and no lies and no cries of racism. Nothing can put that frog back in the water. WE THE PEOPLE!

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