Monday, February 7, 2011


Dick wolf
The lovely Kathy Griffith

I once was a fan of Criminal Minds. That was before I started noticing the strong undertone of the script. Thus far, I have seen the subtle and the glaring 'Schooling' of us listeners on Christianity and lesbianism. Btw. Wonder if lesbians notice in the one program where they seem to show us lesbians are just people who are mentally unhinged and waiting for the right man. Couldn't have picked a more mentally unhinged character to show us that. Kathy my Dick Wolf you certainly showed us the ugly side when you made us gaze upon Kathy Griffith and her also ugly mentally ill character she portrayed. (Thing is...she wasn't acting.) 

I won't venture into all of the episodes which prove what I am saying. But I will submit two. The first one where Mr.Dick Wolf seeks to subtlety say that Christians are just as dangerous as Islamics. Course Mr.Wolf does not, and he shows it, know much about Islam. Else he would never have let the term: MUSLIM INFIDEL escape the cutting room floor. Sorry Mr.Wolf. That describes two different entities. There are no Muslim Infidels...Also, Sorry Mr. Wolf but people are aware that there are no Christians intent on cutting off the head of the unbelievers. Or blowing themselves into smithereens for the guarantee of 72 virgins. And there are no organized Christians who kill their wives or children for dishonoring the family. 
And there are no Christians who seek the eradication of jews. 

Then of course there is the one most recently aired where the lead character,Kathy Griffith was a huge activist for lesbians. AND she was a lesbian. Right. All the other lesbians respected her and looked up to her. But what they didnt know....She was involved with a man. Therefore...she was HEALED! What a disservice to those lesbians who fight daily for their very existance. Mr. Dick Wolf wants us all to know. There are no lesbians. Only women who have not found the right man. Mr. Dick Wolf becomes involved in all the issues though. He even became involved in the location of the New York mosque. Wonder why Mr. Wolf would use a good show...Criminal Minds to teach us uneducated masses and force upon us,the audience,his belief. Hopefully, the viewers will fall off and Mr.Dick Wolf will be standing next to B.H. Obama in the unemployment line. 

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